Digitised official publications

On the site Digitised official publications, the Federal Archives provide access to digitised documents, in particular official publications and texts relating to historical subjects. Among the most widely used sources are the minutes of sessions of the Federal Council, and the Federal Gazette.

To the data

The documents at Digitised official publications can be read directly as texts on the site. Scans of the original documents can also be viewed in PDF format. Full-text searches are possible in both cases. The text displayed on the website has been generated automatically and may thus contain errors. We therefore recommend that you always use scans of the originals when quoting passages from the document.

In particular, the Digitised official publications provide access to the following categories of documents:

Federal Assembly (Official Bulletin, minutes, search tools)

  • Official Bulletin of the Federal Assembly (1891–1999)
  • Minutes of the Federal Assembly (1921–1970)
  • Directory of proceedings (1848–1891)
  • Summary of proceedings (1891–1995)

Federal law

  • Federal Gazette (1849–2008)
  • Systematic Compilation (1848–1947)
  • Official Compilation (1948–1998)
  • Administrative Case Law of the Federal Authorities (1987–2017)

Federal Council

  • Minutes of the Federal Council (1848–1963)
  • Annual Reports of the Federal Council (1848–1995)

Other categories of documents

  • State financial statements and budget (1848–2006)
  • Federal Directory (1849–2000)
  • Swiss Diplomatic Documents (1848–1946)
  • Studies and Sources (1975–2005)
  • Collection of files from the time of the Helvetic Republic (1798–1803)