State financial statements

The Confederation has published the state financial statements and budget every year since 1850. 

To the data (TimeSTATCubes)

In the state financial statements, the Federal Council accounts for the Confederation’s receipts and expenditure. The Federal Finance Administration publishes the tables and dispatch on its website: state financial statements for 2003 and subsequent years. Older issues can be found in the Swiss Federal Archives’ (SFA) Digitised official publications.

The Federal Archives digitised the financial data. Based on a model developed by the University of Zurich, the company Cetic datafied a selection of this information for the SFA: The cubes capture data from the financial statements from four different perspectives (levels). 

Select and download data using TimeStatCubes

The first cube represents categories such as “General administration” or “Amortisation and interest on bonds” for the period 1850–2014. The second cube provides the data for the same period on areas such as “Customs” and departments. The third contains figures for the individual authorities at office level for the period 1951–2014. The fourth enables research into expenditures on whole areas in the same time period (e.g. “Migration and integration”, “Foreign relations”).

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